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Coming Up PR, Episode 19 – February 15, 2011

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00:33- Your hosts introduce themselves  — hey, who’s Kristina Brand?

00:44- Cheryl thanks Kelly Ridgway for writing in! You can find her blog at

01:22- Mary introduces Kristina Brand, a Corporate Communications student at Seneca College.

02:54- Kristina asks what the biggest differences are between working on the corporate side versus agency side.

07:15- Cheryl asks Mary if working at an agency after spending the first part of a career on corporate side happens often.

08:12- Kristina asks what the number one thing is that students gain from studying in corporate communications programs.

11:18- Cheryl asks Kristina why she wants to pursue a career in investor relations.

13:54- Mary and Kristina ask Mike and Cheryl how they do measurement in their jobs.

16:41- Mary talks about an event they had put on for school and their use of Wiffiti.

18:51- Mary introduces the really, really bad taste tweet by fashion designer Kenneth Cole.

24:20- Kristina asks how your hosts came up with the idea for Coming Up PR.

25:03- Mary explains her inspiration came from Inside PR.

26:38- Kristina asks if PR practitioners should try podcasting as a way to improve their public speaking skills.

28:47- Cheryl reminds everyone that Podcamp Toronto is coming up on February 26-27 at Ryerson University.

29:00- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.

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Coming Up PR, Episode 18 – February 1, 2011

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00:56- Mary introduces today’s topic: professional development

01:05- Mike brings up a very unwise tweet

05:13- Mary talks about the importance of relationship-building in the public relations field

08:15- Cheryl drops a bomb: Only one or two episodes of Coming Up PR left(!)

09:06- Mary’s advice for those starting out in the industry (especially in agencies): Be prepared to be under steady criticism, but don’t let it get you down!

12:53- Cheryl mentions Coming Up PR episode 11 in which they talk about working in agencies versus on the client side

13:59- Mike, Cheryl and Mary rap up the show

Coming Up PR, episode 17 – December 7, 2010

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1:14 – Mike introduces this week’s topic: WikiLeaks and Cablegate.

2:35 – The group discusses the impact of employees leaking confidential information and how it should be dealt with from a communications point of view.

3:01 – Mary brings up the government relations specialty of PR and how transparency is important.

4:20 – Cheryl draws a paralel in theme to other episodes like Netflix and the Toronto mayoral election.

7:09 – Mary discusses the PR industry’s need to adapt to bloggers.

8:35 – “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell is now!”

10:30 – Mary brings up the importance of accountability.

12:06 – Cheryl mentions how trust, accountability and consistency of message is also important in internal communications.

12:30 – Mike reminds listeners that the internal message should be the same as the public message.

13:54 – Cheryl announces Coming Up PR will return for episode 18 on January 11, 2011.

14:03 – The gang wishes listeners a happy holidays!


Coming Up PR, Episode 16 – November 23, 2010

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0:34 – Cheryl thanks John Cissel for listening to the show.

1:09 – Cheryl introduces the episode’s topic: Branded content with the example of Sony’s Xperia “Product Testing Institute” videos.

3:00 – Mary gives a definition of branded content

4:20 – Mike talks about how branded content is like the inverse of product placement.

5:39 – Mary cites a slideshow presented at a PRSA conference on branded content.

9:29 – Mike introduces the second topic for the day: Stella Artois’ La Societe – a social media consumer loyalty program that’s sort of like branded content.

16:01 – What happens if social media-generated branded content doesn’t develop the followers it targets? Or attracts the wrong kind of followers? Like people who are really into Saw 3?

18:41 – Cheryl wonders how tweets are monitored with #LaSociete.

21:30 – Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show. But not before asking for free stuff from Stella Artois.

Coming Up PR, Episode 15 – November 9, 2010

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1:00 – Cheryl thanks Joshua Massaro for his blog post about Coming Up PR.

2:27 – Mike introduces this week’s topic, the 2010 Toronto mayoral election and the candidates’ use of social media.

3:13  – Mary cites Malcolm Gladwell’s article Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted and the “echo chamber” theory.

4:14 – Mary mentions Sysomos‘ analysis of the share of “voice” between the candidates.

4:50- Mary contrasts the inability to use Twitter to predict overall support in the Toronto election versus the 2008 American presidential election.

5:40- Mike outlines the alleged unethical use of Twitter by the Rob Ford campaign’s deputy communications director. Check out this Torontoist story for details.

13:05- Cheryl asks how wide the reach of the fake Twitter account “Queen’s Quay Karen” actually was, and what this suggests about “her” influence on the campaign.

13:39 – Mary asks what Cheryl or Mike would have done if they were working for the opposition and had become aware of the fake Twitter account.

19:19- Cheryl draws a parallel to the Netflix fiasco.

20:15- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.


Coming Up PR, Episode 14 – October 26, 2010

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00:47- Coming Up PR has another guest host this week! This time it’s Henry Dang, another former classmate of Mary, Cheryl and Mike’s who’s currently working in the mining industry. (Note: As a communicator, not a miner.)

01:53- Cheryl asks Henry about the challenges of communicating with a global workforce.

04:19- Mary asks about balancing communications with different regions.

5:09- Mike asks how many languages Henry’s company uses to communicate.

08:21- Mike asks about how they measures readership.

10:18- Want to know about PR measurement? Cheryl invokes the name of Alan Chumley: our former profressor and measurement expert extraordinaire.

12:14- Mary asks if there’s a criteria for stories written within Henry’s communications department.

14:20- Cheryl talks about the importance of the human angle.

16:02- Mike asks about Corporate Social Responsibility

18:40- Cheryl asks about Henry’s advice for students getting into the industry.

20:07- Mary, Cheryl, Mike and Henry close the show.

Coming Up PR, Episode 13 – October 12, 2010

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00:30- A new voice on Coming Up PR?!? Yes, it’s our old classmate Catalina Dorobeti who’s on this week’s show to talk about her experience in investor relations (IR)

3:10- Mary asks about the difference between investor relations and regular public relations – like much less pitching to the media

4:00- Mike asks what kind of financial knowledge you need to get into investor relations

5:30- Catalina explains that learning about finance on-the-job is acceptable and not a barrier to getting into the field

7:32- Cheryl asks what advice Cat would give to someone who’s starting or finishing school and is interested in breaking into IR

7:56- Cat advises students to look into IR (because so many people coming out of PR programs don’t) and that learning about stock exchanges and capital markets on your own before applying for positions is a good way to hit the ground running

10:17- Mike asks about what constraint there are in IR compared to other, less regulated forms on public relations

10:25- Catalina explains that there’s language inserted by lawyers and accountants that can’t be changed

11:18- Cheryl asks about social media, and Cat explains that the Canadian Investor Relations Institute is studying social media, but it isn’t widely used at the moment

13:18- Mary asks about Cat’s experience as a woman in a field dominated by men

16:30- Cheryl and the gang close show.

Thanks again to Catalina for guest hosting!

Coming Up PR, Episode 12 – September 28, 2010

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00:40 – Cheryl reads a comment/question from Mitch MacKay – a current Seneca Corporate Communications student.

1:43 – Cheryl recommends asking recent grads about salary expectations in the public relations industry.

3:30 – Mike weighs in on the question.

4:05 – Asking about lifestyle expectations for different industry specialties is also important, adds Mary.

5:30 – The group gives some final advice and recommends staying in touch with recent grads by asking for the always important, informational interview.

6:45 – Mike introduces this week’s topic: Netflix, its Toronto event and the ensuing debacle.

9:00 – Who’s responsible for this debacle? The marketing department? The PR department? The group debates.

11:20 – Mike notes a tweet from David Jones noting that Netflix’s sales don’t seem to be impacted by the incident.

11:50 – Mary asks what Netflix has done to repair their reputation with the media.

12:20 – Mike answers by reading a statement from the VP of corporate communications.

16:05 – What do our listeners think? Mary invites anyone listening to send us a show topic or question.

16:49 – Mike can’t remember the Coming Up PR Twitter handle.

16:54 – Mary closes the show.

Coming Up PR, Episode 11- September 14, 2010

We’re back from summer hiatus! And there’s elevator music in the background!

(We’ll try to avoid that in the future.)

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1:50- Mike talks about his internship experience

5:00- Mike mentions Twitter Sheep – a neat site that displays a word cloud of a Twitter account’s folllowers

5:40- Mary brings up Klout – a service that calculates Twitter users’ influence

7:30- Mike reinforces the importance of learning about social media, because lots of people already in the industry don’t know that much about it

8:30- Cheryl talks about learning about social media yourself. It’s still so new that some college programs don’t cover it nearly enough

12:00- Mary discusses her experience with the digital practice at the agency she interned with.

14:45- Cheryl asks Mary who decides who will handle a client’s social media – the client or the agency?

16:07- Cheryl wants to know what new PR students are leaning towards: agency or client side? Let us know!

16:50- Mike asks Cheryl and Mary if they have any advice for those just starting school.

17:58- Mary closes the show.

Coming Up PR, Episode 10- June 22, 2010

Telling a Compelling Story and Emotional Engagement

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0:45- Mary introduces today’s topics: telling a compelling story and emotional engagement. The idea came from two sessions she attended at the IABC World Conference and NXNE Interactive with speakers Mark Evans and Ze Frank

05:14- Mike gives some background on Ze Frank, including his earlier viral hits How to Dance Properly and The Show with Ze Frank

6:50- Mary describes Ze Frank’s session

11:17- Cheryl talks about the importance of emotional engagement in public relations

13:45- Mary reiterates Mark Evans’ message: the importance of telling a compelling story

16:24- Cheryl announces that Coming Up PR is going on summer hiatus! Mike, Mary and Cheryl will be back after Labour Day with all-new episodes

15:54- Cheryl wraps up the show. Have a great summer!