Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 1– February 16, 2010

And so it begins…

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0:30– Mary outlines Coming Up PR’s mission statement.

1:16– Cheryl explains the inspiration behind the podcast.

2:23–Play clip from Inside PR, with Terry Fallis, Dave Jones and Martin Waxman.

3:00– Cheryl discusses Coming Up PR’s desire for listener feedback.

3:35– Mike introduces the topic: Domino’s Pizza and the “pizza turnaround.” Speculates about Domino’s intentions. Cheryl and Mary respond.

6:56– Mary asks whether the “turnaround” is a short-term integrating marketing approach or long-term effort? Who will be representing Domino’s in the online space? Cheryl and Mike reply.

11:30– Cheryl discusses trust and it’s function in public relations.

14:05– Mary replies, talks about showing negative comments, controlling the message. Brings up @comcastcares debacle. Mike replies.

18:19– Cheryl, Mike and Mary talk about the last time they’ve tried Domino’s.  They briefly debate a US/Canada taste test and road trip.

18:54– Mary comments that it’s better to be proactive than reactive in the social media space. Cheryl sums up conclusions.

21:05– Mike and Cheryl provide blog info, email ( and twitter handle (@cominguppr), ask for listener feedback. Mike wraps up the show.



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  1. * Terry Fallis says:

    Hey gang, well done! We’re really glad you’ve launched Coming Up PR. You did a great job on the first episode and I congratulate you on “coming up” with the first Canadian student PR podcast. Welcome! May you have a long run.


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago
  2. * Rob Jeanveau says:

    Great job with your first episode. I was at podcamp today at the Inside PR taping(s) so thought I wold check out your show after hearing about it.

    My advice would be not to discount your opinions just because you are still in school. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and there is no wrong point of view. call ’em as you se ’em and let your personality’s shine through. No one is keeping score.

    Like Terry I really hope that you keep it up. I am now counting on you to post another show or two in the next few weeks, since I have nothing to look forward to from IPR for the next 2 weeks.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago
  3. * creativa410 says:

    I was directed to your podcast via my pr professor Barbara Nixon, and I had the opportunity to listen to your first podcast today and I really enjoyed it! Thanks for answering to the challenge to start a podcast by pr students. As a student who is very new to the pr world, I really enjoy your input and excitement to address pr issue from an up-and-coming perspective.

    I thought the first topic of discussion was very interesting, because I had been seeing the efforts that Domino’s has been making to improve their imagine and convince consumers that they now make a tastier pizza. I didn’t know about the bad publicity Domino’s had received previously, and thought this information added another angle to the discussion. It will definately be interesting to see whether their efforts of listening to the customer/attempting improvement will continue in the future!

    Thank you and I look forward to listening to other podcasts from you three in the future!

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 2 months ago

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