Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 2– March 2, 2010


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0:32- Mary recaps mission statement, introduces this week’s topics:  Thank yous, Podcamp Toronto 2010, Community.

1:17- Thanks to Alan Chumley.

2:21- Mike thanks Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson from podcast For Immediate Release.

3:00- Cheryl sends a huge thank you to Terry Fallis, Dave Jones, and Martin Waxman from Inside PR.

3:42- Mike reads blog comments from Terry Fallis and Rob Jeanveau.  Cheryl reads tweets about Coming Up PR from @yling and @BarbaraNixon.

5:36- Cheryl reminds listeners we love feedback that can also be sent to or

5:47- Mary discusses concept of community and building relationships in person.

7:35- Mike talks about sitting with Inside PR for Episode #193 at Podcamp Toronto 2010.

8:47- Cheryl comments on Podcamp experience.

9:12- Mary brings up “searchability” issue, reiterates that Coming Up PR will post every 2 weeks, on Tuesday.  The next episode will be March 16. Speculates about having Alan Chumley on the show as a guest speaker.

11:49- Cheryl talks about podcasting suggestions made by Tod Maffin at live recording of Inside PR.

12:35- Mary talks about building communities by first, listening to voices around you that share values and interests.

15:49- Mike asks if Cheryl and Mary are fans of anything on Facebook, he ponders the value of fan pages for organizations.

17:16- Cheryl mentions Aubrey Podolsky‘s presentation at Podcamp 2010.  Relates it to update on Domino’s Pizza as she confirms the pizza chain has only changed the pizza recipe in the US only.

18:37- Mike is insulted Domino has not changed its product in Canada.

19:07- Mary comments that, while Coming Up PR has discussed many social media topics, the podcast will also extend conversation to other aspects of public relations.

19:31- Cheryl asks fellow students to participate, send questions/comments.

19: 46- Mike starts show wrap-up.



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