Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 4-March 30, 2010

Rock the talk

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0:30-Cheryl opens the show

0:40- Mary begins listener feedback session with comments from Roxandra Catalina Dorobeti, Jackson Wightman and Bob LeDrew

2:30- Mike wonders what the CFRE is. (Turns out it’s the Certified Fundraising Executive designation)

4:18-Introduction to  the topic, “Rock the Talk” (#rockthetalk) a social media seminar hosted by the the three along with classmates Carmela Antolino and Michelle Gradini

5:01-Mary mentions Justin Kozuch from Refresh Events and Corey Reid of FreshBooks and HoHoTO as guest speakers for Rock the Talk

5:37- The group thanks CNW and QRC Logistics LTD for sponsoring Rock the Talk

5:54-Mary explains how Wiffiti allowed for interactivity during the seminar

18:35-Mike mentions Rock the Talk pictures are on Flickr

19:38-A question is posed to listeners asking for feedback from anyone who attended Twestival

19:56-Mike asks our listeners about using Twitter as a job finding tool

20:01- Mike closes the show



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