Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 5– April 13, 2010

Networking: CPRS 360

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0:30-Mary recaps what Coming Up PR is all about.

0:40-Cheryl mentions listener comments from Roger Clowater and Christina Co.

2:30-Cheryl intros this week’s topic: CPRS 360 Degrees student event organized by the CPRS Students committee headed by Matthew Kofsky.

6:08-Cheryl talks about what she learned from Maria Antonopoulos and Louise Armstrong about agency life at the consumer PR table.

6:57-Mary brings up meeting Seneca College alumni, Jess Bennett.

8:35- Mary mentions her investor relations table and and how the specialty uses social media.

9:55-Mary talks about the League of Kick Ass Business People.

11:00- Mike mentions Nick Poirier from Luminato and its use of social media.

13:00-The group discusses agency life and Mary and Mike’s possible age.

15:40-Mike talks about the Edelman open house for applying PR interns.

21:19-The group brings up Martin Waxman’s advice to students from episode 199 of Inside PR , which suggests you check your ego at the door.

21:40-The group closes the show.



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