Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 7- May 11, 2010

Merging personal and professional social networks versus maintaining privacy

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0:30- Cheryl recaps this week’s comment from Bob LeDrew.

1:27- Mike introduces this week’s topic: Merging your personal and professional social networks (which was inspired by a post on Steve Rubel’s blog).

10:19- Mary wonders about Facebook fan pages and the access they have to your Facebook profile.

11:14- Mike mentions a timeline of Facebook’s privacy policies put together by the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

12:01- Mary asks about Mike and Cheryl’s thoughts on foursquare.

13:05- What’s the value in using foursquare, anyway? Mary wants listener’s to weigh in!

14:40- Mike shamelessly offers Starbucks the chance to sponsor Coming Up PR. Let us know, Starbucks!

15:13- Mike brings up the irony of PR people, who are often in the background, being in the foreground with things like social media.

18:40- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.


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  1. * Michelle Gradini says:

    Hi guys!
    Great show! So glad I finally remembered to check it out.

    I have a question for you guys, but it is somewhat unrelated to last week’s topic. I want to get some insight on a question that I am having.

    I have just started working at an organization that wants to utilize social media and get “online”. Prior to my employment here, they had had a few people come in and share some social media seminars about how to transition a company to use social media. They have limited social media as it is, but want to expand this immediately.

    Now, those giving the seminar had given the organization a word of advice, “Either do it all or nothing.”

    I agree that a company, to manage and achieve the goal of two-way communication properly, should be utilizing all social media channels, but not all at once. From my research I am coming to realize that slow and steady is the way to make this transition successful. Diving in head first isn’t going to get this company anywhere. The problem is, sometimes this can be hard to translate. As well know as well, if your organizations social media accounts are not managed properly, what is the point?

    Here is my question for you guys: When a company is transitioning to use social media, do they do it all or nothing? And if they did it gradually, like I am hoping, where do they begin? What social media tool would you use first? Twitter, Facebook, blog?

    I understand that you guys are going to have to make an assumption about what the organizations motivations are for wanting to go “online”, but just assume you weren’t selling anything, just promoting.

    I know what I would do, but what do you guys think?

    Ready, set, discuss!

    Can’t wait for next week!


    | Reply Posted 8 years, 1 month ago

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