Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 8- May 25, 2010

Introducing social media into organizations: All at once or a little bit at at time?

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0:32- Mary introduces today’s topic inspired by a question from Michelle Gradini: Working for organizations that want to “get online” and get involved with social media for the first time

6:47- Cheryl brings up a blog post she read by Stefany Singh about how planning and content come first and the tools you should use will follow

9:04- Mary mentions Corey Reid‘s “Ants and Crumbs” parable: create “crumbs” — social media channels — that people will want to follow rather than worry about introducing everything all at once

10:53- Mike wonders about measurement

14:11- Mike mentions Starbucks, which makes it about the 200,000th time in a row that someone’s mentioned Starbucks on this podcast.

14:38-  Congratulations to new hosts of Inside PR, Gini Dietrich and Joe Thornley and returning host Martin Waxman!

15:08- Mike compares the changing of the guard at Inside PR to Coach and Diane leaving Cheers, and Woody and Rebecca coming in. The ensuing laughter was somehow cut out during post-production.

15:15- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show


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