Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 9- June 7, 2010

What do you look for in a leader?

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1:01- No comments this week(!) so Mary introduces our topic: Leadership when you get into the field and what to look for

6:51- Cheryl cites a blogpost by Deirdre Brekenridge quoting #PRStudChat participant @PRSarahEvans‘ favourite piece of advice when she was starting out: “Work like you’re not afraid to be fired”

9:00- Mike brings up the importance of being allowed to make mistakes when starting out and then makes jokes at the expense of BP, because he’s edgy like that

13:05- Cheryl recalls a seminar they attended on work-life balance at which @jessbennett and Michael Shipticki both spoke

13:55- Mike would like everyone to know that he is neither a level 73 dwarf wizard on World of Warcraft nor a fan of Twilight

14:31- Cheryl wants to know what you find to be good characteristics of good leaders! Tell them here on the blog or on Twitter or email!

18:40- The intrepid hosts close the show


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