Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 12 – September 28, 2010

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00:40 – Cheryl reads a comment/question from Mitch MacKay – a current Seneca Corporate Communications student.

1:43 – Cheryl recommends asking recent grads about salary expectations in the public relations industry.

3:30 – Mike weighs in on the question.

4:05 – Asking about lifestyle expectations for different industry specialties is also important, adds Mary.

5:30 – The group gives some final advice and recommends staying in touch with recent grads by asking for the always important, informational interview.

6:45 – Mike introduces this week’s topic: Netflix, its Toronto event and the ensuing debacle.

9:00 – Who’s responsible for this debacle? The marketing department? The PR department? The group debates.

11:20 – Mike notes a tweet from David Jones noting that Netflix’s sales don’t seem to be impacted by the incident.

11:50 – Mary asks what Netflix has done to repair their reputation with the media.

12:20 – Mike answers by reading a statement from the VP of corporate communications.

16:05 – What do our listeners think? Mary invites anyone listening to send us a show topic or question.

16:49 – Mike can’t remember the Coming Up PR Twitter handle.

16:54 – Mary closes the show.


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