Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 13 – October 12, 2010

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00:30- A new voice on Coming Up PR?!? Yes, it’s our old classmate Catalina Dorobeti who’s on this week’s show to talk about her experience in investor relations (IR)

3:10- Mary asks about the difference between investor relations and regular public relations – like much less pitching to the media

4:00- Mike asks what kind of financial knowledge you need to get into investor relations

5:30- Catalina explains that learning about finance on-the-job is acceptable and not a barrier to getting into the field

7:32- Cheryl asks what advice Cat would give to someone who’s starting or finishing school and is interested in breaking into IR

7:56- Cat advises students to look into IR (because so many people coming out of PR programs don’t) and that learning about stock exchanges and capital markets on your own before applying for positions is a good way to hit the ground running

10:17- Mike asks about what constraint there are in IR compared to other, less regulated forms on public relations

10:25- Catalina explains that there’s language inserted by lawyers and accountants that can’t be changed

11:18- Cheryl asks about social media, and Cat explains that the Canadian Investor Relations Institute is studying social media, but it isn’t widely used at the moment

13:18- Mary asks about Cat’s experience as a woman in a field dominated by men

16:30- Cheryl and the gang close show.

Thanks again to Catalina for guest hosting!


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