Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 15 – November 9, 2010

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1:00 – Cheryl thanks Joshua Massaro for his blog post about Coming Up PR.

2:27 – Mike introduces this week’s topic, the 2010 Toronto mayoral election and the candidates’ use of social media.

3:13  – Mary cites Malcolm Gladwell’s article Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted and the “echo chamber” theory.

4:14 – Mary mentions Sysomos‘ analysis of the share of “voice” between the candidates.

4:50- Mary contrasts the inability to use Twitter to predict overall support in the Toronto election versus the 2008 American presidential election.

5:40- Mike outlines the alleged unethical use of Twitter by the Rob Ford campaign’s deputy communications director. Check out this Torontoist story for details.

13:05- Cheryl asks how wide the reach of the fake Twitter account “Queen’s Quay Karen” actually was, and what this suggests about “her” influence on the campaign.

13:39 – Mary asks what Cheryl or Mike would have done if they were working for the opposition and had become aware of the fake Twitter account.

19:19- Cheryl draws a parallel to the Netflix fiasco.

20:15- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.



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  1. Great episode guys! I really enjoyed it. I was honored to be mentioned in your show. I will make sure to check in as much as possible.


    Joshua Massaro

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 6 months ago

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