Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, episode 17 – December 7, 2010

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1:14 – Mike introduces this week’s topic: WikiLeaks and Cablegate.

2:35 – The group discusses the impact of employees leaking confidential information and how it should be dealt with from a communications point of view.

3:01 – Mary brings up the government relations specialty of PR and how transparency is important.

4:20 – Cheryl draws a paralel in theme to other episodes like Netflix and the Toronto mayoral election.

7:09 – Mary discusses the PR industry’s need to adapt to bloggers.

8:35 – “Tell the truth, tell it all, tell is now!”

10:30 – Mary brings up the importance of accountability.

12:06 – Cheryl mentions how trust, accountability and consistency of message is also important in internal communications.

12:30 – Mike reminds listeners that the internal message should be the same as the public message.

13:54 – Cheryl announces Coming Up PR will return for episode 18 on January 11, 2011.

14:03 – The gang wishes listeners a happy holidays!



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