Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 19 – February 15, 2011

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00:33- Your hosts introduce themselves  — hey, who’s Kristina Brand?

00:44- Cheryl thanks Kelly Ridgway for writing in! You can find her blog at

01:22- Mary introduces Kristina Brand, a Corporate Communications student at Seneca College.

02:54- Kristina asks what the biggest differences are between working on the corporate side versus agency side.

07:15- Cheryl asks Mary if working at an agency after spending the first part of a career on corporate side happens often.

08:12- Kristina asks what the number one thing is that students gain from studying in corporate communications programs.

11:18- Cheryl asks Kristina why she wants to pursue a career in investor relations.

13:54- Mary and Kristina ask Mike and Cheryl how they do measurement in their jobs.

16:41- Mary talks about an event they had put on for school and their use of Wiffiti.

18:51- Mary introduces the really, really bad taste tweet by fashion designer Kenneth Cole.

24:20- Kristina asks how your hosts came up with the idea for Coming Up PR.

25:03- Mary explains her inspiration came from Inside PR.

26:38- Kristina asks if PR practitioners should try podcasting as a way to improve their public speaking skills.

28:47- Cheryl reminds everyone that Podcamp Toronto is coming up on February 26-27 at Ryerson University.

29:00- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.

Thanks for listening to Coming Up PR!


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