Coming Up PR


Coming Up PR is a podcast designed by three Corporate Communications post-graduate students in Toronto, Ontario. Mary Attard, Cheryl Brean and Mike Kerr host the bi-weekly show to identify and discuss trends in communications.  The title was chosen for two good reasons: First, because they themselves are “coming up” in the industry and second, because they will be talking about topics that are up and coming in public relations.

The increasing importance of social media has inspired them to join others in the communications conversation. They hope to contribute to the online PR community as so many others have done.

Obviously, because they’re just breaking into the industry,  they will have more questions than answers. By no means do they claim to be experts in the public relations industry (yet). That being said, all three hope those listening will participate in the conversations they start. Through answering questions, posing questions, suggesting topics or making general comments for improvement, listeners will become a part of the show. Since social media is characterized as a means to engage in two-way conversations, they welcome all comments.


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