Coming Up PR


Mary Attard

After getting her degree at University of Toronto, she pursued work in event planning and brand management before completing the Corporate Communications program at Seneca.  She’s currently working for the consumer and digital practice teams at a full service PR agency.

You can find her on Linkedin,  follow her on twitter @mjsays, or check out her blog at Just Another PR Girl.

Mike Kerr

Aside from being an intrepid podcaster and soon-to-be PR practitioner, Mike’s also known for his height (6’1), having lived overseas (Konnichiwa, Japan!) and being almost the oldest in his class (except for Dean. Hi, Dean!). Also, he sometimes gets carried away with putting too many asides in parentheses.

You can follow him on twitter @michael_kerr

Cheryl Brean

Armed with a BA in Communications from Wilfrid Laurier University and a post-graduate certificate in PR/Corporate Communications, Cheryl is now working in internal/employee communications.

You can follow her on Twitter @cheryl_brean or find her on Linkedin.


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