Coming Up PR

Coming Up PR, Episode 9- June 7, 2010

What do you look for in a leader?

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1:01- No comments this week(!) so Mary introduces our topic: Leadership when you get into the field and what to look for

6:51- Cheryl cites a blogpost by Deirdre Brekenridge quoting #PRStudChat participant @PRSarahEvans‘ favourite piece of advice when she was starting out: “Work like you’re not afraid to be fired”

9:00- Mike brings up the importance of being allowed to make mistakes when starting out and then makes jokes at the expense of BP, because he’s edgy like that

13:05- Cheryl recalls a seminar they attended on work-life balance at which @jessbennett and Michael Shipticki both spoke

13:55- Mike would like everyone to know that he is neither a level 73 dwarf wizard on World of Warcraft nor a fan of Twilight

14:31- Cheryl wants to know what you find to be good characteristics of good leaders! Tell them here on the blog or on Twitter or email!

18:40- The intrepid hosts close the show


Coming Up PR, Episode 8- May 25, 2010

Introducing social media into organizations: All at once or a little bit at at time?

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0:32- Mary introduces today’s topic inspired by a question from Michelle Gradini: Working for organizations that want to “get online” and get involved with social media for the first time

6:47- Cheryl brings up a blog post she read by Stefany Singh about how planning and content come first and the tools you should use will follow

9:04- Mary mentions Corey Reid‘s “Ants and Crumbs” parable: create “crumbs” — social media channels — that people will want to follow rather than worry about introducing everything all at once

10:53- Mike wonders about measurement

14:11- Mike mentions Starbucks, which makes it about the 200,000th time in a row that someone’s mentioned Starbucks on this podcast.

14:38-  Congratulations to new hosts of Inside PR, Gini Dietrich and Joe Thornley and returning host Martin Waxman!

15:08- Mike compares the changing of the guard at Inside PR to Coach and Diane leaving Cheers, and Woody and Rebecca coming in. The ensuing laughter was somehow cut out during post-production.

15:15- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show

Coming Up PR, Episode 7- May 11, 2010

Merging personal and professional social networks versus maintaining privacy

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0:30- Cheryl recaps this week’s comment from Bob LeDrew.

1:27- Mike introduces this week’s topic: Merging your personal and professional social networks (which was inspired by a post on Steve Rubel’s blog).

10:19- Mary wonders about Facebook fan pages and the access they have to your Facebook profile.

11:14- Mike mentions a timeline of Facebook’s privacy policies put together by the Electronic Freedom Foundation.

12:01- Mary asks about Mike and Cheryl’s thoughts on foursquare.

13:05- What’s the value in using foursquare, anyway? Mary wants listener’s to weigh in!

14:40- Mike shamelessly offers Starbucks the chance to sponsor Coming Up PR. Let us know, Starbucks!

15:13- Mike brings up the irony of PR people, who are often in the background, being in the foreground with things like social media.

18:40- Mary, Cheryl and Mike close the show.

Coming Up PR, Episode 6– April 27, 2010

IABC Toronto Networking Event and Interview with Omar Ha-Redeye

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0:40-Cheryl announces a new PR podcast: PR and Other Deadly Sins hosted by Bob LeDrew and Mark Blevis

1:45-Mary recognizes Inside PR’s 200th episode and the retiring (from Inside PR) of Terry Fallis and Dave Jones

3:33-Mary and Mike recap comments from student listeners Lisa McLaughlin and Erica Campbell

6:25-Cheryl brings up this week’s topic: Networking and the IABC Toronto Munch ‘N’ Mingle event

7:20-Mary highlights the importance of informational interviews when breaking into the industry

8:42-PR Squared link promised by Mary: “Open Letter to Millennials (PR Industry Edition)”

10:15-Cheryl introduces the first interview on Coming Up PR with Omar Ha-Redeye (Links to his Twitter account and podcast)

11:04-Mike and Cheryl’s interview recorded at IABC Munch ‘N’ Mingle event : Omar gives his unique perspective on law and PR

11:55-Omar provides his insight into crisis management in law vs. PR

14:05-Having been there before, Omar provides advice for new PR grads

15:50-Globe and Mail article mentioned by Omar regarding the use of social media in court

17:15-Mary encourages listener feedback through email ( or on Twitter)

17:44-Mary closes the show


Coming Up PR, Episode 5– April 13, 2010

Networking: CPRS 360

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0:30-Mary recaps what Coming Up PR is all about.

0:40-Cheryl mentions listener comments from Roger Clowater and Christina Co.

2:30-Cheryl intros this week’s topic: CPRS 360 Degrees student event organized by the CPRS Students committee headed by Matthew Kofsky.

6:08-Cheryl talks about what she learned from Maria Antonopoulos and Louise Armstrong about agency life at the consumer PR table.

6:57-Mary brings up meeting Seneca College alumni, Jess Bennett.

8:35- Mary mentions her investor relations table and and how the specialty uses social media.

9:55-Mary talks about the League of Kick Ass Business People.

11:00- Mike mentions Nick Poirier from Luminato and its use of social media.

13:00-The group discusses agency life and Mary and Mike’s possible age.

15:40-Mike talks about the Edelman open house for applying PR interns.

21:19-The group brings up Martin Waxman’s advice to students from episode 199 of Inside PR , which suggests you check your ego at the door.

21:40-The group closes the show.


Pay It Forward

Originally posted on JustAnotherPRGirl on March 30, 2010

The inspiration for this blogpost title comes from the 2000 movie that bears the same name… The premise of the film is built around a boy who believes that if you do a favor for someone, or support a cause or simply just help a person or an animal, you create a system of goodwill which will eventually provide returns forward payer.  As part of a school assignment to make the world a better place the young main character develops a scheme he calls “Paying it forward,” meaning the recipient of a favor does a favor for a third party rather than paying the favor back.  Actually, I think the specific rule is that one must pass along three acts of kindness/favours to three new people… and eventually everyone in the world will eventually benefit from a favour (or something like that… full disclosure: have not watched the whole movie in a long time or in its entirety), and the favour gets returned to initial sender.

The point is, I feel like concept of “paying it forward” is relevant when breaking into any new industry.  Especially those like public relations where most opportunities develop out of networking capabilities and contacts.  For those of us trying to get into the field, we rely heavily on the willingness of those who came before us to help guide the way (or, “Pay It Forward” as it were). Continue reading this entry »

Coming Up PR, Episode 4-March 30, 2010

Rock the talk

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0:30-Cheryl opens the show

0:40- Mary begins listener feedback session with comments from Roxandra Catalina Dorobeti, Jackson Wightman and Bob LeDrew

2:30- Mike wonders what the CFRE is. (Turns out it’s the Certified Fundraising Executive designation)

4:18-Introduction to  the topic, “Rock the Talk” (#rockthetalk) a social media seminar hosted by the the three along with classmates Carmela Antolino and Michelle Gradini

5:01-Mary mentions Justin Kozuch from Refresh Events and Corey Reid of FreshBooks and HoHoTO as guest speakers for Rock the Talk

5:37- The group thanks CNW and QRC Logistics LTD for sponsoring Rock the Talk

5:54-Mary explains how Wiffiti allowed for interactivity during the seminar

18:35-Mike mentions Rock the Talk pictures are on Flickr

19:38-A question is posed to listeners asking for feedback from anyone who attended Twestival

19:56-Mike asks our listeners about using Twitter as a job finding tool

20:01- Mike closes the show


Coming Up PR, Episode 3– March 16, 2010

The value of accreditation

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0:32- Cheryl recaps mission statement, introduces this week’s topic: Accreditation in the Canadian Public Relations Society.

1:36- Cheryl explains what acceditation means.

2:57- Mary talks about the value of attaining APR.

5:48- Mary talks about the need for mandatory accreditation in areas like investor relations.

7:30- Mary poses a question to listeners: What do students and practitioners think about APR?

8:08- Mike displays his greedy nature and notes the money factor of APR.

9:18- Mary notes that we’re (definitely!) not saying those without APR aren’t qualified practitioners.

9:36- Mike poses a question to those who don’t have APR: Why haven’t you attained it?

12:36- Mary wants someone in entertainment PR (or a student interested in it) to comment on if they think getting accreditation is important.

14:59- Mary wonders if blogger relations needs to become part of attaining APR

16:08- Cheryl brings up joining professional organizations like the CPRS

16:45- Mike asks students why they are or aren’t joining professional organizations.

17:01- Cheryl ups the ante and specifically asks our classmates Ruxandra Catalina Dorobeti and Henry Dang what their thoughts are on joining the CPRS.

17:19- Mike wraps up the show.


Blogger Relations: Beginner’s POV

At Podcamp Toronto 2010, during the recoding Inside PR, an interesting question came up: How should a PR practitioner pitch a blogger? After deciding we didn’t really know that much, we as dutiful students, decided to educate ourselves on the subject.

The search came up with many different opinions; some interesting advice comes from Todd Defren.

His  post gave quick tips that are available on a handy reference card which can be found here. It is a great resource for students and PR newbies. But to our dismay, the post explains how PR is full of young, eager and aggressive people (us, and possibly you) who can be trained on this stuff but still make mistakes when pitching bloggers. Scary to hear for soon to be new grads but learning now will help to avoid this type of catastrophe.

C.C. Chapman also gives advice worth noting. This post lists 5 things you shouldn’t do when pitching a blogger. The most interesting one was “Don’t pretend the pitch isn’t a pitch.” Someone, somewhere probably considered this idea to be brilliant (until getting called out on it).

So, if you’re ever asked how to successfully pitch a blogger, you should have a basic idea of how to do so from these sources!

If you are new to PR like us, we hope this information was helpful and if you have any of your own ideas or “real world” experience, please leave us your comments.


Coming Up PR, Episode 2– March 2, 2010


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0:32- Mary recaps mission statement, introduces this week’s topics:  Thank yous, Podcamp Toronto 2010, Community.

1:17- Thanks to Alan Chumley.

2:21- Mike thanks Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson from podcast For Immediate Release.

3:00- Cheryl sends a huge thank you to Terry Fallis, Dave Jones, and Martin Waxman from Inside PR.

3:42- Mike reads blog comments from Terry Fallis and Rob Jeanveau.  Cheryl reads tweets about Coming Up PR from @yling and @BarbaraNixon.

5:36- Cheryl reminds listeners we love feedback that can also be sent to or

5:47- Mary discusses concept of community and building relationships in person.

7:35- Mike talks about sitting with Inside PR for Episode #193 at Podcamp Toronto 2010.

8:47- Cheryl comments on Podcamp experience.

9:12- Mary brings up “searchability” issue, reiterates that Coming Up PR will post every 2 weeks, on Tuesday.  The next episode will be March 16. Speculates about having Alan Chumley on the show as a guest speaker.

11:49- Cheryl talks about podcasting suggestions made by Tod Maffin at live recording of Inside PR.

12:35- Mary talks about building communities by first, listening to voices around you that share values and interests.

15:49- Mike asks if Cheryl and Mary are fans of anything on Facebook, he ponders the value of fan pages for organizations.

17:16- Cheryl mentions Aubrey Podolsky‘s presentation at Podcamp 2010.  Relates it to update on Domino’s Pizza as she confirms the pizza chain has only changed the pizza recipe in the US only.

18:37- Mike is insulted Domino has not changed its product in Canada.

19:07- Mary comments that, while Coming Up PR has discussed many social media topics, the podcast will also extend conversation to other aspects of public relations.

19:31- Cheryl asks fellow students to participate, send questions/comments.

19: 46- Mike starts show wrap-up.